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To get your music heard and considered on Ugaent, send mail to with the following;

  1. Song name/ title
  2. Stage name
  3. Album art(if available)


  • We wish to advise that not all submissions will be considered.
  • If you do not recieve a confirmation message from Ugaent in 10 working days, then your submission has been declined. Please revisit your submission and try resending your work.
  • Ugaent at the moment cannot attend to all submissions so please bear with us if you do not receive a reply from Ugaent.
  • By submitting your music to Ugaent, you are granting us the right to alter any of your submissions for branding and marketing purposes.
  • Ugaent also has the right to remove or sensor any branding on your submission if we feel your branding conflicts with the our brand.
  • Once your music has been uploaded on our site, we do not remove/ delete music submitted by the artist or artist’s representative, the decision to remove or keep an upload in our database or site is at the sole discretion of Ugaent.
  • All submissions made must be done by the artist or an official representative or other right holder of the music being submitted.
  • All declined submissions can be re-considered at the sole discretion of Ugaent if artist chooses to meet our conditions.
  • Ugaent reserves the right to accept or decline any submission made.
Thank you for submitting.


Phone: +256775714654
Address: Kampala, Uganda